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What’s the difference between Classic and Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Updated: Aug 22

We offer a variety of lash extension treatments which are completely customisable to each person depending on the look you want. This can be quite confusing to choose what you want if you’ve never had extensions before, but I’ll explain through each option.

The lashes we offer are Classic Extensions or Volume Extensions. Let me explain the differences:

Classic eyelash extensions use a 1 to 1 application technique. Using extensions that are longer and thicker than your natural lash, we can create a more open, defined eye without the need for mascara, whilst keeping your natural lashes safe and healthy.

Known as Russian or Volume eyelashes, this technique uses finer lashes to create a fan of 2-10 lashes which are then placed on each one of your individual lashes. Whether you want a set of cat eye mega volume extensions, or a natural doll eye 3D set, we offer a range of curls and lengths to create a bespoke set of lashes for you.

Now you’re probably wondering: are classics or volume lashes better?

This depends on the look you want. With 1-2-1 classic eyelashes, more of a ‘mascara’ look is created as the lashes are thicker in diameter and very individual. Whereas, with Russian volume lashes, finer lashes are used, which creates more of a ‘fluffy’ full look. Volume lashes are also great if you have gaps in your lashes as the handmade fans overlap, making it appear as if the gap is not there.

When booking in your lash extensions, you’ll find several different options: express, natural, luxe or mega. Each of these cover a different percentage of your natural lashes, so you can choose if you want a super natural look, or a dramatic mega set. Each set varies in time and can take up to 3 hours to complete. Please bear in mind you’ll be lying on your back with your eyes shut for this long. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about what’s best for you, you can always come in for a complimentary consultation and we can chat about the look you want.

Once you’ve chosen your desired set, we’ll do a consultation at your appointment to discuss lengths, thicknesses and style. Lash health is our number one priority, so we will never pick a length or thickness that will damage your natural lash. We’ll also talk about if it’s for a special occasion, or everyday wear, as this will help us get an idea for lash style.

At Eva Mercedes we customise each set of eyelash extensions to you and your needs. We assess the state of your natural eyelashes to prescribe to you the perfect weight, thickness and length that won’t damage what you have. If you have previously had damaged lashes from another therapist, we recommend you come in for a consultation prior to booking an appointment for a full set.

If you are keeping up your lash extensions, they need to be infilled every 2-3 weeks. The average person has 90-150 upper lashes per eye. You can lose up to 5 natural lashes per day, that’s 35 lashes a week, and up to 70 in 2 weeks! This means after 2 weeks your lash extensions won’t look as flawless as when you first had them done. To keep them looking their best and lasting as long as possible, keeping extensions clean is so important. For cleaning makeup, dirt and oil from your lashes, a lash cleanser is the best.

Now I’ve bombarded you with all the lash extension info you need, you can decide which option suits you best. Check out our Instagram page, @evamercedes.eyebrows for more pictures of each style. Give us a call or text on 0474 230 000 or pop us a DM and we can get you booked in ASAP!

We look forward to seeing you at Eva Mercedes soon!

Writer: Rebecca, Eva Mercedes Lash Expert.



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